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Fall Colors

Are you seeking a more adventurous way to experience the Fall colors in Colorado? A Colorado Zip Line Tour is this season’s best way to take in the Fall foliage! Peak Fall Colors in the Rocky Mountains make for some breathtaking views. Travelers in search of these amazing views are finding a new way to make the most of the season. The Fall Color Zip Line tours at the Colorado Adventure Center is the perfect way to view the season’s beauty. The heavily wooded area around the Zip course will give you a front row seat when the Fall colors start to turn! The I-70 corridor in Colorado is world famous for it’s views of the Fall foliage. The Colorado Adventure Center has two convenient locations on the I-70 corridor, Idaho Springs and Glenwood Springs, that are nestled in some of the most scenic areas for Fall colors.


The Idaho Springs Fall Zip Line will allow your crew to Zip through the golden yellow Aspens at speeds of up to 40 mph! Tough to beat the view when you are cruising over the treetops!

The Glenwood Springs Fall Zip Line crosses back and forth over the Colorado River with incredible views of the yellow and red oak brush in Glenwood Canyon.


Make the most of this beautiful Fall season with an unforgettable zip line through the treetops!


4 New Ziplines to Look for in 2014

Zip lining has exploded onto the map of outdoor adventures as courses pop up all over the country – some of the newest courses are located in Gainesville, FL, Eureka Springs, AR, and Ashville, NC. The companies that govern these North American zip line courses include some of the best in the industry. However, we are here to tell you where the newest of the new will be in 2014!

UF Gators Challenge Course

Outdoor Team Challenge Course at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL

Off the South Shore of Lake Wauburg in Gainesville, FL, the University of Florida’s RecSports, a Division of Student Affairs, has new plans for the Outdoor Recreation Program for 2014. As the construction begins this week for the new zip line and “Leap of Faith,” a new high ropes element on their Challenge Course and Alpine Tower program, students can expect the course to reopen January 2014. This zip line will be free to UF student organizations by appointment on the weekends. Paid reservations for weekday appointments will be open to non-UF organizations and private companies.

Let’s travel to the far reaches of the United States to the little tourism town in Alaska near the base of Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley), North America’s tallest peak. Denali Zip Line Tours recently purchased an 80-acre parcel of land outside of Seward, AK where a new theme park will be rising from the forest in the summer of 2014. Unlike the other course in Talkeetna, this course will offer a little something for everyone. Offering tree house accommodations, and currently, seven zip lines to sight see from, the Seward course presents the perfect way to see the Alaskan wilderness.


Slotzilla in Las Vegas, NV

Mark Wildermuth of Denali Zip Line Tours says. “It’s going to be set up for just about anybody with a certain level of physical ability and just about any age.”

The ‘Great Wide Open’ not quite your thing? Prefer the excitement of nights, lights and bling? The up coming zip line attraction, Slotzilla, in Las Vegas, NV is going to be a must see for you in 2014. Located on Freemont St. near 4th, the new 128-foot tower, 12-story slot machine-themed platform is expected to have two separate zip lines – one that takes off from 110-feet in a “Superman” flying position, and the other, lower platform, takes off from 70-feet above the ground, landing on an adjacent platform near the Four Queens Hotel and Casino. The opening date for Slotzilla has yet to be determined.

Time to hit the Rocky Mountains! This next zip line course has been in business for a couple years, but the folks at the Colorado Adventure Center are looking to expand their already sought after course, making their zip line the longest in the state of Colorado. With already 3,000 feet of soaring excitement, they are looking to add 2 more towers to the existing 5 towers along with 3 more lines, completing the course with over 4,500 feet of zip line in 2014.

Colorado Canopy Adventures and the Colorado Adventure Center bring you treetop adventures!

Colorado Canopy Adventures and the Colorado Adventure Center bring you treetop adventures – Rocky Mountain Style!

When it comes to zip lines, the Colorado Adventure Center is well versed. They have another course in Glenwood Springs that crosses the mighty Colorado River with a high ropes challenge course attached to it. The 5-element course attracts teambuilding, school groups, youth and church groups, as well as big corporate groups such as the Ford Motor Company who visited in 2013.

Whether you are in the far north regions, the far south or on the Continental Divide, there is a zip line course waiting. This popular eco-tourism activity has now reached every state in the country and now multiple courses are popping up in many of those states too. Plan your next high-flying adventure and expand your reach to the skies.

CAC pairs up with nonprofits to benefit people in need

FBOTRWe’ve paired up with Food Bank of the Rockies and Denver’s Road Home to benefit both organizations in January.

Guests who go zip-lining with Colorado Adventure Center during two special weeks this month can get special deals and discounts by participating.

The food bank’s benefit week starts Jan. 14. Denver’s Road Home benefit week will start Jan. 21. Guests make reservations for Colorado zipping tours whichever week they choose, then they bring a non-perishable food item to check-in.

Colorado Adventure Center will then donate $15 of every zip-line trip purchased to the respective charity. Guests can use the website or call (800) 808-0357 to make a reservation, and also will receive $5 off the photographs of their experience.

DENVER_ROAD_HOMEFood Bank of the Rockies provides food for 350,000 people every year. Denver’s Road Home fights homelessness.

Please consider joining us in mid-January for these great causes. Check out the selection of trips at our Idaho Spring’s zip-line location, which is just 35 minutes from downtown Denver. Take to the skies with us this month and help two great organizations!


Idaho Springs zip-line course open all winter

Nov. 7, 2012

You’ve been tubing with the kids, ridden through untouched powder fields on a snowmobile, and had dinner in the woods after a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride … Now it’s time to consider wintertime zip-lining. It’s the newest, funnest way to add lots of zip to your winter vacation!

Colorado Adventure Center is opening its popular Idaho Springs zip-line course through the winter. We’re open seven days a week and at night on weekends.

Colorado’s beautiful winter scenery is the perfect backdrop for zip-lining. You can nearly touch snow-dusted treetops as you zoom high above a serene Rocky Mountain valley. On a zip-line, you own the best view in the house!

You’ll laugh out loud as you cheer friends and family on from one line to the next. And this is not some 8-second ride. Our zip-line course gives you 3,000 feet of zipping — five thrilling rides among five towers, with the longest ride nearly a quarter-mile long. The course is among the highest in the state, with launch towers reaching up to 65 feet.

Zip-lining is a great way to rest ski-weary leg muscles but still let the day’s activities register high on the fun-factor. Step off a launch tower that’s nearly six stories high and reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour! It’s a great family activity that’s completely appropriate for children who meet minimum height and weight restrictions (48” tall, 65-280 lbs).

Wintertime zip-liners dress in layers like ski gear, ready to be outside for a couple of hours. We provide all safety equipment, including helmets and lined gloves, plus professional guided instruction. You wear sturdy shoes such as snowboard boots, but no ski boots please.

One of only a few outfitters offering wintertime zipping, we’re conveniently located right on the way to ski country — 35 minutes from downtown Denver and less than an hour from the major ski areas.

Skeptical about whether this is a good choice for your winter vacation? Consider that some of North America’s most popular ski resorts offer zip-lining, many for the first time this season: Whistler, Montana’s Big Sky, Sunday River and The Canyons in Park City. The first winter zip-line tracks went up five years ago in the Italian Dolomites.

“Zip-lining has become a very popular vacation sport around the world. But doing it in the winter, in Colorado’s amazing Rocky Mountains, is an experience we wanted to offer,” Company Owner and Vice President of Operations John Cantamessa said. “We’re excited to open our Idaho Springs course to the many skiers and snowboarders we know are looking for big adventures.”

With offices located inside the historic Argo Gold Mine and Mill in Idaho Springs, Colorado Adventure Center has shared thrilling outdoor adventures with guests for years. We’re adventure experts, available to help fill your Colorado vacation with thrills and lasting memories. Transportation from Colorado’s major ski areas and Denver is available — call for details.

40 miles per hour, 65 feet in the air, 3,000 feet of cable … Add some zip to your winter vacation! Call 800-808-0357 to reserve space for your group or book your trip online.

Join us for an exhilarating winter day!

The devil’s in the details

Oct. 23, 2012

Our Glenwood Springs river manager, Jay Berkes, has made it nearly 900 miles and into Missouri on his solo cross-country bike quest to raise money for school children in Haiti.

Jay Berkes, a manager at Colorado Adventure Center, is packed and ready to go in Summit County, Colo., earlier this month. He’s riding 2,600 miles to New York on a fundraiser for school children in Haiti.

In his most recent Update from the Road, Jay confronts challenge, adversity, romanticism and defeat — just like one of his mentors, Benjamin Franklin, whom Jay learned about by reading abridged biographies as a child. Franklin invented electricity and his face ended up on the $100 bill. But, as Jay writes, “if history is a memory of milestones, life is the detail in between.”

And details can be boring, routines mundane.

In his most recent post on Oct. 20, Jay writes that those details — being on the road by himself, pedaling over hundreds of miles of hilly asphalt — embodied the tone of his five-day ride through Kansas.

The details are anything but boring. There’s a little old lady who lectures Jay about being outside in the cold after dark; his description of the night sky filled with stars on an attempt to pull an all-nighter in the saddle; and a wake-up call by a man in overalls poking him with a pitchfork as Jay bedded down in what he thought was a public forest.

Riding 2,600 miles to raise $50,000 for a bunch of kids in a third-world country sounds like a life milestone but Jay’s quest right now really is steeped in the day-to-day, mile after mile, one pedal stroke at a time. To read more about it, and about who Jay’s trying to help with his ride, visit

Good luck, Jay, and be safe! We’ll be cheering you on from the comfort of our computer screens.

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